Thank you to our superheroes

Letter from child to BCNC Doctors and Nurses writing to let them know that they think of them as hero's

Recently we received a batch of letters from our local school themed ‘thank you to our superheroes.’ This letter was from a little girl Sophia, and we’d like her to know that her letter made our day!

The letter reads:

Dear Doctors and Nurses,

Thank you for looking after us during this time. When we think of superheroes some people think of Wonder Woman, I think of you. YOU are the people going out there helping these people who need you. This makes you brave. And the fact that you are even brave enough to go out there is outstanding. You walk into a operating theatre knowing there’s risks and come out with a smile on your face. Your talks make patients FEEL better knowing it is going to be alright. That is why you are my heroes.

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