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Brisbane Neurologist Dr Alexander Lehn

Movement disorders and Functional Neurological Disorders

Dr Alexander Lehn attended medical school in Germany (Regensburg and Munich) and conducted his residency and basic physician training in the United Kingdom (Bristol) and Australia (Nambour and Brisbane). After a Fellowship in movement disorders at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Dr Lehn undertook a further Fellowship in movement disorders and dementia in Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom.

Dr Lehn heads the movement disorder service at PA Hospital and together with Dr Sarah Olson he runs the deep brain stimulation service at PA Hospital and Mater Hospital, Brisbane.

Dr Lehn has a keen interest in Functional Neurological Disorders (FND) and from 2015 to 2019 ran a dedicated clinic for Functional Neurological Disorders at Mater Hospital, Brisbane, the first such clinic in Australia. With his multidisciplinary team of health professionals, he runs regular teaching courses for FND in Brisbane and across Australia and has published extensively in this area.