Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Fellowship at Mater Neurosciences Centre Brisbane

Dr Bart De Boer holds a '500'th case sign in surgical gowns with two other colleagues

With over 3700 minimally invasive spinal procedures having been completed by the surgeons at Mater and BCNC, you’re in good hands.

Minimally invasive spinal placement of pedicle screws
Minimally invasive placement of pedicle screws
Dr Bart De Boer holds a '500'th case sign in surgical gowns with two other colleagues
Inaugural fellow Dr Bart De Boer undertaking his 500th case at Mater

Surgeons at the Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre (BCNC) and Mater Neurosciences Centre Brisbane are at the forefront of delivering minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques to patients within Australia, having completed over 3700 minimally invasive procedures and contributing to education through peer-reviewed publications and scientific meetings.

In 2019, Mater Neurosciences Centre Brisbane became the first Australian institution to be accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Post-Fellowship Education and Training (PFET) in delivering minimally invasive spinal procedural training to surgeons.

The application of minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques by surgeons has resulted in significant patient and clinic benefits through a reduction in operating times, faster recovery, earlier discharge and a reduction in post-operative pain.

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