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Adam Barry and Mater Hospitals Advanced Epilepsy Team including BCNC Neurosurgeon Dr Jason Papacostas

BCNC surgeon performs life changing brain surgery on awake teenager

Success Stories In 2018 BCNC surgeon Dr Jason Papacostas performed surgery on a Queensland teenager suffering from debilitating epilepsy. The patient, eighteen-year-old Adam Barry, is now seizure-free, following the brain surgery during which he remained awake.  The complex surgery took place after medication failed to control his epilepsy. “My epilepsy started when I was in

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Fetus growing inside womb

Australian first in fetal surgery for spina bifida

Success Stories In an Australian first a team of Brisbane surgeons in collaboration with a visiting team from Vanderbilt University Hospital in the United States, successfully performed in-utero spinal surgery on a fetus. This ‘Australian first’ was performed in 2016 at the Mater hospital on a 24 week-old in-utero baby who had been diagnosed with

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Dr Martin Wood and Dr James Bowman look at data on computer monitor

Our approach to patient-centered surgery through multi-surgeon teams

Streamlining patient’s treatment at BCNC with our multidisciplinary team of surgeons Modern surgical management of complex problems relies ever-increasingly on a team-based approach, with surgeons from different specialties bringing their skills and experience together to optimise outcomes.  We at BCNC adhere strongly to the concept of the multidisciplinary surgical team, and believe that when it

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Letter from child to BCNC Doctors and Nurses writing to let them know that they think of them as hero's

Thank you to our superheroes

Recently we received a batch of letters from our local school themed ‘thank you to our superheroes.’ This letter was from a little girl Sophia, and we’d like her to know that her letter made our day! The letter reads: Dear Doctors and Nurses, Thank you for looking after us during this time. When we

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BCNC Practice Nurse Jo

A day in the life of a BCNC Nurse

The day of a BCNC practice nurse starts at 7 am, accompanying our doctors on their morning ward rounds. Our nurses are an integral member of the multidisciplinary team providing care for patients during their stay. The team includes ward nursing staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and pharmacists. During a patient’s hospital admission, the

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BCNC surgeon in operating theatre

Answers to common questions about brain surgery

Brain surgery procedures are often complex operations, a major and daunting event in someone’s life. It is always good to have some information about it to get an overview of what to expect. We have tried to provide some insights into some frequently asked questions, mainly about symptoms, and associated side-effects. We believe that having

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Pituitary Specialist Centre

Launch of the Pituitary Specialist Centre

It is with much pride that we launch the Pituitary Specialist Centre based here at the Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre at the Mater Private Hospital, South Brisbane. The Pituitary Specialist Centre is a one-site multi-specialist private practice clinic aimed at providing high levels of subspecialty care to patients with pituitary tumours and related conditions. The

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Dr Robert Campbell and Dr Jason Papacostas providing patient telehealth consultation

COVID-19 Telehealth

During the challenges presented by COVID-19, it is important for our patients to feel reassured that the doctors, nurses and staff at the Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre are here to help. We have been providing Telehealth appointments for years and for the team at BCNC, it is business as usual. The virtual doors are open.

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